SealMaxx in Cresco

SealMaxx offers the best solutions for wood services in Cresco. Our wood sealant creates a permanent, effective seal to protect against moisture, acid, mold, and more, while at the same time strengthening wood. It protects without staining or discoloring so your existing deck staining or paint color can shine through. Whether your wood is new or previously untreated, SealMaxx wood sealant can add years to its life.

SealMaxx is part of the Zimprovements family of companies. Over the last 15 years our brand has grown to include some of Cresco's best specialized home-improvement brands dedicated to making your home more beautiful and your life easier.

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Pressure Washing

SealMaxx Pressure Washing

No dirt, grime or build-up can withstand our washing and cleaning techniques

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Wood Sealing

SealMaxx Wood Sealing

Our products offer exceptional protection agaisnt moisture, acid, mold while strenghtening wood.

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We have a wooden deck which we had neglected for some time, and contacted SealMaxx to treat it for us. They pressure washed, sealed, and stained the deck. It has never looked better! We are confident this will drastically reduce the amount of maintenance we have to worry about in the future.
— Kristian L.