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Pressure Washing

SealMaxx Pressure Washing

No dirt, grime or build-up can withstand our washing and cleaning techniques

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Wood Sealing

SealMaxx Wood Sealing

Our products offer exceptional protection agaisnt moisture, acid, mold while strenghtening wood.

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SealMaxx restored my 19 year old deck, which was grey and ugly, and made it look new again. It is great to know I will never have to worry about sealing it again, as I have done that in the past, and it can get expensive. I looked at other companies, but everyone else just bought some sealant at a hardware store and put it on for you. SealMaxx’s 25 year guarantee is well worth the little bit of extra money up front. SealMaxx was a great solution for me, as it would be for anyone with a wooden deck.
— Chris H.